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Nelda Webb is a Jackson, Tennessee native who has over thirty years of healthcare experience.  Nelda earned her ASN and BSN from Union University and earned her MSN from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  In 1983, Nelda worked at Jackson Madison County General Hospital where she was staff nurse, head nurse and then supervisor of the Women's Department (OB, GYN).  During her distinguished nursing career, Nelda developed and implemented a Patient Education position at a large specialty clinic in Jackson, Tn.  Nelda joined the Union University faculty in 1983 after receiving her BSN.  She earned her MSN in 1986 with a double major in Psychiatric Nursing and Women's Health.  Nelda currently teaches at Union University in the areas of OB and Psychiatric Mental Health.

Nelda Webb is a board member of the Jackson Arts Council, West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, and the Citizens Board for Psychiatric/Mental Health.  Nelda brings extensive clinical experience and provides valuable insight and clinical support to Siroky Law's clients.